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                      Welcome to the official website of Guangxi Jinmeng Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.

                      Guangxi Jinmeng Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.


                      Corporate Culture

                      Corporate Mission

                      Our mission is to continuously make efforts and improvements, to provide low-carbon, high-quality manganese alloy products for developing the national steel industry, and become an important cross-regional supplier of manganese alloys with a whole industry chain

                      Corporate Vision

                      To become the largest supplier with highest customer satisfaction and market share in China’s manganese alloys industry.

                      Strategy of Development

                      Referred to as "123" development strategy, that is, a center, two key, three persistence.

                      In detail: With the central idea of expanding market share of supply for manganese alloys, we will focus on mining and ferroalloy production, persevere with standardized management, persevere with the technology progress, and persevere with the industry chain development. We will rely on both domestic and international capital markets, develop in the way of enterprises professionalization, and finally become the most important supplier of manganese alloys.


                      Core Values

                      ---- Integrity-based, Crisis Survival, and Result-Oriented

                      Enterprising Spirit

                      ---- Self-discipline, Cooperation and Development


                      ---- Classical Business Ethics, Jinmeng Manganese Industry

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